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About Us

"We are Born to Connect The World"

CTPLine has been providing high quality service as an international shipping company since our founding in 1996. Since then, our vision has been developing inter-island transportation to fulfill the numerous needs of Indonesia's domestic cargo transportation, paired with linkage to the international market. Our aim is to bring international trade that is divided by the ocean to the many parts of Indonesia, with speed, timeliness and reliability. We believe the best way to maintain and improve this quality is by providing good equipment and service for our customers, such as the best ships, containers, and great human resources. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.


Established in 1996. CTP Line with a strong vision to develop inter-island transportation; has been dedicatedly and consistently developing its business to sustain a strong needs of domestic cargo transportation linkage with international market, and to bring the business which spread  a part  by the ocean to the business center of Indonesia with speed timeliness and reliability   
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